A New Line of Luxury, Agua by Agua Bendita


On a Botanical Expedition

from Bogotá to Miami

One of our favorite Colombian swim brands, Agua Bendita, together with CREO Consulting, will be launching its new luxury line, Agua by Agua Bendita. Combining the exquisite prints and bold colors of Agua Bendita with luxury fabrics and silhouettes, Agua by Agua Bendita is our favorite print powerhouse.

After a successful launch of their first collection in New York, Agua by Agua Bendita decided to launch in Bogotá, Colombia. By launching this collection in Colombia the brands Colombian customers are given the opportunity to buy the collection in a trunkshow, simultaneously with the international launch in some of the most recognized stores worldwide such as Net-a-Porter, Moda Operandi and Shopbop.

The new line embodies a more sophisticated aesthetic, while keeping the vibrant colors, prints, intricate embroidery and Latin DNA of Agua Bendita that has always distinguished the brand. For the first collection of Agua by Agua Bendita, the brand looked to Colombia for inspiration. This collection will show Colombia as seen through the eyes of the German explorer, Alexander von Humboldt on his botanical expedition to South America (c. 1799-1804). As the first naturalist and foreigner to discover this region, the tropical abundance of South America and especially that of Colombia, captivated him.

Other sources of inspiration for this collection include the discoveries of the famous Spanish botanist José Celestino Mutis and his Botanical Expedition in Colombia. Plants, flowers, fruits and marine life of Colombia have made for the perfect prints for the first collection. The brand also looked to the women depicted in the Gabriel García Márquez stories, such as Fermina Daza and the paintings of the European artists Johann Moritz Rugendas and Jean-Baptiste Debret, as a source of inspiration for the different silhouettes found in this collection.

The goal of the Agua by Agua Bendita line was to create a collection that would not only celebrate the DNA and craftsmanship of Agua Bendita, but also celebrate women around the world and, most importantly, Colombia.

Paraiso Miami Beach will be host to the incredible new collection, Agua by Agua Bendita, in Miami this July!

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