Meet Liliana Villalobos of Aguaclara



positivity, femininity, elegance and empowerment.

With endless inspiration surrounding us in the world, where do you look when it comes to designing a new collection?

LV: When the time comes,  I always think what am I going to do now….?

I I think is very important to have a clear identity to lead the way of future steps and to make a brand easily recognized anywhere. So that is one of our starting points.

I know I need to go beyond, improve and make a better Collection, work on a  completely new  proposal. So I start looking at the best quality suppliers & materials to integrate them with our designs, but keeping Aguaclara’s spirit, concept and roots.

My main source of inspiration is always the Amazon, however my constant travelling is very enriching as it makes me see things from a different angle and gives me refreshing inspiration from all over the world.

With the fast pace development of the world swimwear from an at home try on experience to bra sized swimwear and sustainablity; what do you think is next for resort wear?

LV: I think resort wear will be the next most important category in summer. The lifestyle that a lot of us dream of, is a growing category.  I think that next for Resort wear is also what the consumer is looking for.    New consumers now have a great respect for good quality and the use of fine & natural  fibers such as linen,  100% silk, organic cotton amongst others.  Fabrics and accessories that respect the nature’s that our amazing world offers.

As we gear up for Paraiso Miami Beach, what's the first thing you do when you touch down in the magic city? 

LV: First thing I do is drive directly to Miami Beach, and have that unexplainable feeling when you see the beautiful intercoastal crossing the Miami Beach bridges.  Then I put on a Swimsuit and go directly to the Beach, to feel the sand, to the water. That is the best description of happiness for me.

In Lima Peru, where I live,  July is Winter time, so I always try to arrange to get to Miami 2 days before casting and fitting days to have the time to be all day long at the Beach.

 How do you stay current with all the trends, brands and over-saturated social media? What separates your brand from the rest?

 LV: I am a true believer that a brand offers more than products; brands offer a lifestyle. For Aguaclara, the lifestyle we offer is the dream of having a unique nature’s paradise, the understanding of the blend of ecology and fashion. Women’s empowerment and sophistication, the mix of sensuality & elegance. All of this is what makes us different from the rest.

For me to stay current is to travel, to be outside, having the time to look directly at inspiration and not only in social media. To be current is understanding and admiring art all over the world.

Aguaclara is unique. We offer a complete exotic & sophisticated resort proposal for summer days & summer nights.  Aguaclara finds its main inspiration and roots in the Amazonas Rainforest. Our collection is designed on the basis of the Amazonian richness & exuberance, but we complement our inspiration with many cultures and art from all over the world.

We use the best quality fabrics & accessories, mostly from Italy, where we print our exclusive designs with unique colors and our own interpretation. We use 100% silk & chiffon for Kaftans, tunics & long dresses that can be used as beach complements and also for sunset parties & night cocktails.

 A lot of resort wear brands are working to break this idea of what we believe a “beach body’” should like it. How do you feel your swimwear brand helps to promote body positivity and inclusivity?

We do develop our garments in regular and not perfect bodies.  We try on the samples in all body types. Our main goal is to make our pieces fit good & comfortable for all body types.

We are looking for influencers that are not “beach body” perfect, but influencers that can express happiness, positivity, femininity, elegance  and empowerment.