Inside the Beach Bag of Chloe Madison of Rheya Swim

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Meet Chloe

CEO of Rheya Swim

“I try to keep my beach bag light. Snacks and hydration are a must. I love throwing some clementine oranges in there! Not only are they tasty and healthy but there's no packaging that could get loose and potentially harm the environment. I can't tell you how many times I've made a spectacle of myself running down the beach after a wrapper that the wind picked up”. 

What’s in My Beach Bag?

  1. My Corkcicle canteen is a go to for liquids, it keeps my water pretty cold for a few hours. 

  2. Sunscreen is also always a must. Lately, I have been using COOLA's organic moisturizing formula. I will literally turn the car around if I've forgotten it. No SPF, no beach. Both my skin aesthetician and my mom have drilled the importance of protecting my skin into the forefront of my brain. 

  3. Sunnies are pretty much as important for me as sunscreen. I've been obsessed with these Valentino studded shades, they add a little something to my minimalist Rheya swimsuit

  4. I also love bringing a Sugar lip treatment in my bag to keep my lips feeling plump and fresh after a ton of laying out in the sun. 

  5. When it comes to trying to stay somewhat cute, I'll usually throw in my Ouai wave spray, I've noticed that when I use it alongside good old salt water, my hair dries with super full and pretty beach waves. 

  6. Lastly, Airpods. I love the sound of waves but nothing beats walking down the shore to your favorite playlist.

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