Keeping That Summertime Glow

It’s almost that time, the Summer sun is about to set and tan lines are starting to fade but you don’t have to worry about losing that seasonal glow. Check out our top tips for keeping your skin radiant all year long.


1. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the main keys to keep glowing from the inside out. Especially after a Summer of fun in the sun, our body and skin are in need of additional hydration. Zico offers 100% natural coconut water that has naturally occurring electrolytes to add a refreshing boost in your daily routine.

Zico Coconut Water


2. Lather Up

Don’t throw out the sunscreen just yet! Just because Summer is coming to end doesn’t mean SPF isn’t still a necessity. Truth is, you should lather up year round to protect yourself from those harmful UV rays. Coola has everything you’ll need from mineral based sunscreens to infused lotions and anti-aging formulas specialized to protect the skin you’re in.

Coola Mineral Suncreen


4. Highlight

We should always shine light on our greatest features. Luckily for us, Ipsy brought along their top beauty essentials for guests to explore before the shows. The crowd favorite? Morphe extra high impact highlighter. This highlighter has a prismatic effect that warms any complexion for a gorgeous golden glow.

Morphe High Impact Highlighter


3. Shine On

Even after the Summer sun sets enjoy sun kissed skin all year round with Coola’s luminizing body serum. The ultra light formula goes on smooth and leaves your skin radiant as if Summer never left.

Coola Luminizing Body Serum