Dance. Sculpt. Sweat. Repeat. with Megan Roup + The Sculpt Society


The Sculpt Society,

an athletic approach to dance based fitness


P: In creating The Sculpt Society how did you set your approach to fitness apart from everything else being produced within the world of wellness?
MR: I bring an athletic approach to dance based fitness. TSS is for dancers and non dancers and my intention is to make sure everyone coming through The Sculpt Society leaves feeling successful. I keep the dance cardio simple and repetitive and the sculpting challenging and effective. My community is everything and it’s extremely important to me that everyone feels welcomed in every TSS class.

P: With Paraiso Miami Beach a week away we have seen a lot of resort wear brands working to break this idea of what people believe a “beach body’” should like it. How do you feel The Sculpt Society helps to promote body positivity and a healthy lifestyle?
MR:Beach body ready” has a really negative connotation to me and I steer clear of using these

messages in TSS. Women already have too much pressure to fit a certain mold and as it’s important that fitness leaders aren’t feeding clients these discouraging messages. Your fitness journey isn’t something that should be a quick fix, it’s an ongoing, ever evolving commitment - consistency is key and I really encourage my clients to feel strong and empowered in their bodies in ALL stages of their fitness journeys.

P: In the past few years we have seen the wellness world really take off, what do you believe make for a healthy lifestyle?
MR: A healthy lifestyle to me means you feel good in your body and mind. The 2 are essential and it’s important we take care of both.
P: We love a good shopping list, what wellness products can you not live without?
MR: Wellness shot of lemon, cayenne and ginger- probiotic - occasionally I’ll use CBD before bed

P: As we gear up for Paraiso Miami Beach, what's the first thing you do when you touch down in the magic city?
MR: You’ll usually find me with a coffee in hand. First thing I do when I touch down is to find an almond milk latte. I also love to be by the water, so going for a beach walk and reconnecting with nature is important to me especially when you live in nyc.


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