Inside the Beach Bag of Oleema and Kalani of Mikoh


Meet Oleema & Kalani

Co-founders of Mikoh

What’s in our bag?


What’s in Oleema’s bag?

THE SUNSCREEN – Sunscreen is always a must for me.  Supergoop has an incredible and diverse line for everything from a setting spray sunscreen to an all-day SPF that doubles as a tinted moisturizer. Amavara is also a favorite of mine- not only does it have eco-friendly packaging but is also reef safe (a must when you go in the ocean as much as I do!) 

THE HYDROFLASK – I can’t leave the house without my trusty Hydroflask. Perfect to keep your drinks or water chilled all day (I love adding lemon to mine!) or your drinks warm for those early morning beach missions.

THE HAT – A wide brimmed hat is key for a day at the beach or any sort of sunny day. I keep a few in my car for backup and always make sure to have one in my beach bag. 

THE SNACKS – I have a strange fear of being hungry so I find myself always packing snacks for the day wherever I am. Nothing is better than a chilled mandarin or some fresh cut up berries (and so, so refreshing on a hot day!!) 

THE BEACH BLANKET – I love the beach and everything it has to offer, but a big beach blanket (that also doubles as a towel) is vital for those long hours by the sea.

 What’s in Kalani’s bag?

THE SUPERGOOP – I always make sure to have plenty of sunscreen on hand. I love the matte sunscreen from Supergoop that is the perfect tint to help smooth out any blemishes. 

THE HAT – Our mom always taught us never to leave the house without a hat. A beach bag essential is definitely a hat with good coverage. 

THE KINDLE – I love reading on my kindle and love how you can read in full light with their screens. Since we travel a lot it’s easy to have plenty of books within reach. 

A CUTE PUP – The best beach partners are our dogs, Panda and Action. They really do love the beach more than anyone. 

THE MIKOH WET/DRY BAGS – They are perfect for storing your phone and valuables in. They are water resistant and I love our prints on them! They also come in several sizes, so there’s something for everyone.

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