Q&A with Chloe Madison of Rheya Swim


Body positivity is a integral part of Rheya.

We're always striving to shine a light on body inclusivity

With endless inspiration surrounding us in the world, where do you look when it comes to designing a new collection?

I find the best inspiration when I’m not looking! I’ll turn a corner and see a dress that I think has a cute neckline or a shirt with a sleeve that I'll want to try out on a suit. Sometimes I’ll come across vintage photos of models in bikinis and get inspired to go sit in my room for hours and create something just as iconic. 

With the fast pace development of the world swimwear from an at home try on experience to bra sized swimwear and sustainability; what do you think is next for resort wear?

I’m actually working on something really special for Rheya that I think will disrupt and improve the resort and swim industry quite a bit. I can’t say too much at the moment, but I am really excited for what’s to come. I definitely think it’s whats next and needed. 


As we gear up for Paraiso Miami Beach, what's the first thing you do when you touch down in the magic city? 

I run straight toward a café con leche to get some energy going- they’re sooo good in Miami. After that, you can usually find me frantically running to UPS to pick up whatever we’ve shipped out and get organized for swim week! 

How do you stay current with all the trends, brands and over-saturated social media? What separates your brand from the rest?

Rheya focuses on being a timeless brand and we have a huge thing for quality. You won’t see us churning out new collections based on trends you see on Instagram. Rheya is the suit you keep for years that never goes out of style, not the one you buy for a few hundred likes and then throw to the side. We stick to our minimalistic approach and focus solely accentuating the woman wearing the suit in the best way possible and leave it at that. 

A lot of resort wear brands are working to break this idea of what we believe a “beach body’” should like it. How do you feel your swimwear brand helps to promote body positivity and inclusivity?

Body positivity is a integral part of Rheya. We don’t ever photoshop, we work with models of all sizes, shapes, and skin tones. We're always striving to shine a light on body inclusivity and make moves to keep the swim industry progressing.