Meet Tara Jane Sargent of TJ Swim


body positivity and size inclusiveness

– Our suits are designed to inspire confidence in women of all body types

With endless inspiration surrounding us in the world, where do you look when it comes to designing a new collection?

 TJ: We draw a lot of inspiration from the 80s and 90s. This could be from movies, pop-culture, runways and off-duty model looks of these eras.

With the fast pace development of the world swimwear from an at home try on experience to bra sized swimwear and sustainability; what do you think is next for resort wear?

 TJ: Ethically made swimwear is increasingly important within the industry, especially with an increase in off-shore manufacturing. Brands are becoming more aware of their social and ethical responsibility which is amazing to see.

As we gear up for Paraiso Miami Beach, what's the first thing you do when you touch down in the magic city?

TJ: Hit the beach! Can’t get enough of the Miami heat.

How do you stay current with all the trends, brands and over-saturated social media? What separates your brand from the rest?

 TJ: We try to stay true to our brand and design suits that we would confidently wear ourselves. We’re a team of women all under 25, so we have an intimate understanding of what our customers need and want when it comes to swimwear. With this in mind, quality, fit and aesthetic have always been important to us. I think this is what sets us apart.

A lot of resort wear brands are working to break this idea of what we believe a “beach body’” should like it. How do you feel your swimwear brand helps to promote body positivity and inclusivity?

 TJ: Our suits are designed to inspire confidence in women of all body types to feel their best at the beach or by the pool. We’re big advocates for body positivity and size inclusiveness. We’re constantly working on expanding our size range and have recently introduced bra-sized swimwear. We love to work with models of all different sizes to show that our swimwear looks incredible on all body types.

With Australian brands being at the forefront of the swimwear world how does your brand work to differentiate yourselves within the market?  

 TJ: The strong competition within the swimwear industry, especially within Australia, was initially a challenge for us as a new brand. Competing in a saturated market has motivated us to differentiate ourself and stand out amongst the crowd. We've overcome this through focusing on our designs and the quality of our swimsuits as well as ensuring that our customers are the focus of everything that we do!


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