Vitamin A Is Changing the Swimsuit Game


BioRib swim styles

– Sustainability is quickly becoming the norm for swim and resort wear

Vitamin A is changing up the swimsuit game with new eco-friendly fabrics you will be adding to your wardrobe this summer! 

If like us, you’re looking for another way to reduce your carbon footprint, look no further than Vitamin A’s BioRib swim styles! The sustainable swim brand has taken their eco-friendly fabrics a step further with this innovative, plant-based material. So it is time to shop your favorite bikinis & bodysuits while still looking out for Mother Earth.

Vitamin A's exclusive “touch me,” ribbed fabric is made from plant-based raw material sourced from the castor bean. It uses a production process that lowers energy consumption by 20% (saving 98 kilowatts of energy and 19 kilograms of CO2 for every 1000 meters of fabric) while the production of its yarn saves 25 liters of oil for each kilogram of fabric. Made locally in California, with quick-dry + thermoregulation technology.

The designer gave Paraiso an inside scoop on Vitamin A and what she does in Miami, take a look!

As we gear up for Paraiso Miami Beach, what's the first thing you do when you touch down in the magic city? 

AS:  I normally come in on the red eye, so I check into my hotel, go for a quick dip, and then take a cat nap til around noon, at which point I’m more or less ready to get to work (or out for another swim, depending on my schedule).

The world of resort wear is developing at a fast pace with new at home try on experiences to bra sized swimwear and sustainability being a priority; what do you think is next for resort wear and how do you see Vitamin A being a part of all of it?

AS: I do think that the idea of sustainability is quickly becoming the norm for swim and resort wear, with more and more new brands launching and more established brands switching over their basic fabrications to include up cycled or recycled fibers.  Vitamin A pioneered this concept in swim, and certainly we are working to broaden our base of sustainable fabrics, including our newest innovation, BioRib, which is made from the first plant based swim fiber!  We are also evolving our resort wear towards sustainable fibers, such as organic & recycled cotton, Tencel, linen and silk.  We also produce all our swimsuits and most of our proprietary fabrics locally in Southern California, so we dramatically reduce our carbon footprint by skipping the air freight and supporting the local economy.  We truly believe in our mantra, “Sustainability is Sexy!”.