Sustainably Accessorizing

The tide is rising but luckily, so is sustainable fashion. From hemp made clothing to metal straw hair accessories, the use of eco-friendly products was the main trend that is here to stay on the Paraiso runway. Check out these looks and see the ways you can make an environmentally conscious statement with your wardrobe.

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Kai Lani

Straw hats & matching totes were the key accessory to hit the runway for Kai Lani’s latest swim collection at the Style Saves Swim show. Pair them with your favorite swim suit and linen cover-up for the perfect all day beach look.


Natasha Tonic

Natural hemp fibers are woven together to create Natasha Tonic’s eco-friendly apparel. The looks feature a collaborative tote bag with Basta Con La Plastica, crafted from repurposed fabric and even screen-printed by Natasha herself. Staying true to her eco-friendly values, she utilizes metal straws as hair pins for a consciously chic statement.



A stunning tribute to Yaguas, the indigenous people of Colombia and Northeastern Peru, the Aguaclara collection was filled with raw materials utilized in the tribe’s daily fashions. Sustainably sourced feathers embellished head pieces and earrings, while straw fibers were braided together to create flowing skirts and matching tops.